Here are a few blogs related to dialysis or by people on dialysis in India:

1. Life on dialysis: A blog by Samiir Halady of Mumbai. Samiir works full time, undergoes hemodialysis twice a week. Samiir loves trekking and makes it a point to go on treks around Mumbai in the Sahyadri Hills whenever he can. Samiir founded V-Hikerz, a trekking group. Samiir is an inspiration to all of us on dialysis and is a living example that we can do what we love and lead a full life in spite of being on dialysis.

2. Pediatric Nephrology: Dr. Sidharth Sethi is a pediatric nephrologist at AIIMS, Delhi. His blog covers a lot of interesting topics related to pediatric nephrology and nephrology in general. Dr. Sethi is a great inspiration to doctors and patients alike. His embracing of technology in the field of medicine is something every doctor should do in order to stay abreast of the latest happenings around the world and help others stay updated too.

3. Kamal Shah's blog: Kamal develops Mac and iPhone apps for a living. He dialyses on his Fresenius 4008 S machine at night - seven hours on an average six nights a week. Kamal loves to swim and travel.